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Random updates. 

This shoujo manga wannabe has been updated.

Also uploaded a couple of pieces. Working on a new series of illustrations, too.

Nothing new, really. 

In other news, SPYAIR is a really good band. :) 
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... A chapter of my comic, that's what's new! :)) Check them out if you have the time. And just when you thought I'd moved on with my life, gotten a job and have made myself a better member of society.

Well no, I haven't done all of that. But I did make a new chapter, so I hope you enjoy it. : )

Also made some Geass fanart (and I do think Suzaku needs more appreciation. His character was complex. /fangirl) along the way.

Hope to see more of you! : )
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Chapter 4, I mean. : ) Catch up with Pockybox's latest pages here!

Jesus, I don't know what came over me. It took me a year and a half to finish one chapter! But the good thing's I've finished it, right? ; ) And now I've got that out of the way (chapter 5 now creeping up in my neverending to-do list), I'll be uploading more illustrations in the weeks to come. : )

Yuletide cheer to everyone! : )
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Now that I'm waiting for October and I'm basically free, I've been catching up on responsibilities. I've brought about five new pages of my meager webcomic, and a couple of digitally colored works featuring my OCs and the Marauders! : ) Does this mean I'm finally on the road to improvement?!

Well, no, not yet, but hopefully I'm inching my way towards it.

Thank you so much for bearing with me for these past five odd years, and I look forward to seeing more of you guys too in the future!

Good health to everyone~!
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  • Watching: ROYAL WEDDING! ; )
Of course, what else am I going to update on other than the fact that Prince William and Prince Kate are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?! XD

Royal wedding and dreams of countless girls aside, let me tell you that my meager webcomic has now been updated with SIX NEW PAGES!.

That's it. ; ) Princess Catherine is such a lucky and beautiful woman.

And also, dang those Princely clothes, they really make a man look so good. ; )
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POCKYBOX is now updated with Four New Pages!

Well that's it, that's the update of the day.


Tangled was GORGEOUS, definitely one of my favorite movies. ; )
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Well hello there ; ) I'm feeling particularly cheerful and peaceful today, maybe because I've been bumming around for the past week, something I've been itching to do since September.

I will be posting a handful of pieces this coming month, all stemming from my commission from Ms. :iconsilverei: ; ) I've also done a meme with :iconh-ozuno:!; )

Merry Christmas everyone, hope your stockings get full tonight! ; )
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So before my death comes with the resuming of classes, I would like to share to the world:

I've updated Pockybox again with the first batch of Chapter 04! : ) HOORAY.

I'll do my best to update the deviantart account of my comic before my last 24 hours on paradise is up.

Thank you very much, everyone, for the support~!


Also, I would like to thank clone1995 for kindly featuring me in her journal. Thank you very much! : )
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Lol. The April Fools joke made by DA made me laugh, with everyone's icons being either TEAM JACOB, TEAM EDWARD, TEAM SEEKER and TEAM GAGA.


Anyway, updated PB with four new pages again. : ) End of Chapter 3! : )


Also finished the whole Percy Jackson series. I think something was a bit off at the end...something's lacking. HMM. : O

Now back to schoolwork! : ) Happy Easter, everyone! : )
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I updated PB with four new pages!!.

I guess you already saw that coming. LOL.

So after half a week of not sleeping properly I urge you all to do this: WATCH YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. It's a Korean Drama which got me hook, line and sinker again, (although nothing beats Full House, Goong and HYD) and definitely made me into a Jang Geun Seuk/Park Shin Hye and just simply a Jang Geun Seuk Fan. I didn't even know I already watched him from Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do.

So watch it. XD It's Korean title is Minami Shinaeyo (sp?), which can be translated into 'You're Beautiful'. XD

And again, thank you for all the faves and watches so far. I really appreciate it~ : )
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Weirdly enough I went on a drawing spree lately. I was coloring a fanart piece digitally (something that I am totally hopeless at), and I really want to achieve a certain 'style' in coloring. 'Real' digital painting, not cel shading. I wanted that thick, gooey, pasty look that had strokes visible yet the colors are perfectly blended.

But I think it'd take me a long time before I'd get to that.


School is partly responsible.
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It seems that every break (it doesn't even have to be break) I have a manga title that I go totally crazy for. Manga titles over which I spend marathons reading. Hopefully they don't end up like my first manga title, X.

So, my manga this break: Gakuen Alice. Freaking hell. I stayed away from Gakuen Alice because it had kids in it. Not that I had any problems with kids, you know, I just wasn't into the story having kids for heroes. Whenever I read the summary the words '10-year-old', ' school' and 'magic' didn't really jump out at me as interesting. But then a friend of mine said it was good, and that she used to read it, so I decided to try it out.

So here I am, 124 chapters later, having gone teary-eyed at a few parts, a bit alarmed at Mikan's lineage (student/teacher ftw. : O), and have gone and rooted for Natsume and Mikan. I have to agree the whole thing discussed some pretty deep issues (I had myself teary-eyed a few times), and once again it had made me remember of Harry Potter.

Which reminds me, I read Percy Jackson, first book. Pretty good, but not as good as Potter.

So anywhoo, I come bearing submissions - NaruSaku fanart (HUZZAH!)  and Ayaka in Wonderland.

Which you can probably see at the panel on the left. XD
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Okay. So last Monday, my dad and I went off to watch AVATAR. My bro had watched it before me, and he made me all excited when he told me about the movie. Our conversation went like this:

Bro: 'It was so cool. They had these USBs which they use to connect to...things.'

Me: '...what.'

Bro: 'You know, they had like USBs, they connect to animals and plants and stuff.'

Me: '...: O'

Bro: 'It's just cool. I watched it in IMAX, 3D. Just...just watch it. It looks like a giant Final Fantasy movie.'

So after my dad and I went off to the world of Pandora and came back to the hospital where my mom was (bro and grandma were keeping watch), I agreed with him that  yeah, it looked like one giant Final Fantasy movie. In my opinion AVATAR could pass off as a Final Fantasy movie more than Spirits Within would. =.= Even the cinematography and the way the shots were's big cutscene. And they have parties, too (lol, Jake and Neytiri and that Tsu'tey guy XD)

Na'Vi are fricking tall, though. What, 10 feet?

ANNNND in other news, I have updated Pockybox with three pages. well, at least my journal entries aren't full of updates anymore. XD
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I need a new/my own scanner. Preferably the standalone type. The scanner that comes with our 3-1 printer just kills my pictures : ( Such a hassle to use, too.

Come 2010, I'll get my laptop reformatted, too.

Aaah, 2009, I can't wait for you to end.
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My country is now being ravaged by its second typhoon in a span of seven days. I hope everything will be alright. : ( The damage dealt by Typhoon Ketsana was really something. : (

In other news, I updated Pockbox with four new pages. It's because I've been procrastinating all week.

I'll upload previous works soon, too.

Thank you guys for your support.


Apparently Tanemura Arina-sensei already has a manga series after Shinshi Doumei Cross (a favorite : ) ), named Sakurahime Kaden. I thought I was already sort of over her style (her style is impeccably pretty and SO SHOUJO), but nowadays I find myself preferring more of a Kure Yuki style (La Corda's Kaji Aoi, ftw!). But when I read Sakurahime, I found myself missing her style. After all, Tanemura-sensei was one of my first ever favorite mangaka, and a big influence to me. HAHA. So yeah. I'm still thinking whether to continue reading Sakurahime Kaden.

Also, I got myself hooked on shoujo manga staple Skip Beat. A few weeks ago I spent three days reading from chapter 01 to chapter 145. I am an avid Ren x Kyouko supporter. Aside from that, because of a post in a deviant's journal (forgot who it was), I also got hooked to </b>Hadashi de Bara wo Fume</b>, another shoujo manga. Obsessive weirdo creep in a love triangle - creepy yet I can't seem to stop reading the thing. So now, two more additional shoujo manga titles to add to my list - Skip Beat and Hadashi.

Well, that's it for my shoujo manga rant.
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Of course it doesn't! Three years and counting, here I am again updating Pockybox. Sometimes I think I should just stop and do something more lucrative, but I like doing it, so...


I like how Smackjeeves enables multiple page updates, though. Yay.

One year, one chapter. I'd be able to finish a tankoubon in 2012. HAHAHAHA.

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Sometimes I want to update about something NOT related to my comic for once. HAHA. But I like doing it and hopefully it's going somewhere. HAHA.

Again, Pockybox has been updated, with character charts and a couple of pages.


: )

Special credits to Odin Lionheart and Cakeplz who kindly critiqued my work. You rock. : )

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Whenever I update my journal it usually has something to do with updates of the Comic kind. So, here it is, Pockybox has been updated with a couple of pages. : )

I'm seriously considering title change and changing the first few pages, because they're not nice.


: )
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First, I am SO SORRY if ever I have flooded the Manga > Pages > Digital category with my amateur attempts. ^^'. I did a massive update on :iconpokkyboxmanga: (still alive, yay). I got dizzy linking everything to and fro. There's got to be a better way to do it.

Faster and further along the storyline at the SmackJeeves Page. : )

Thank you very much! : )

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I just wanted to update this for the heck of it. Haha. Am currently working on my manga (again), and a few fanarts.

Hope you guys enjoy the holidays~! : D